React Hooks the lifesaver

I started using React Hooks for the first time a few days ago in months after React Hooks was released. Though I am not an expert with React, I will show you why React Hooks should be used for your next project. I have been using Vue for the past years for all my projects, and I have wanted to move to React for some time now, but the JSX syntax wasn't my style. /n/nI was excited when I heard Facebook would be releasing the React Hooks, and I thought this is my time to move onto React now. I started using Hooks for my note app, which is live on netlify now, React Note. /n/nDeveloped the app using React Hooks and Firebase Firestore. Although it was my first time using React Hooks, everything went as smooth as I wanted. I had a bit of difficulty here and there, but the React docs helped me with most of my issues. I developed the app for my personal use, and I thought, what if I made it possible so anyone can use it as well.