Brand Identity

What message do you want consumers to receive from your product, personality, or special thing? It’s the one question we focus on answering with brand identity at Bee and Bloom Digital. Ultimately, brand identity leads to product recognition. We deal with all the components related to your product, service, company, or person. These include:

Brand Style Guides

Consistent, strategic branding allows any business to grow strong brand equity & this has to be represented in the brand style guide. Brand style guide answers questions like, What font does your logo use, What colors are approved, When you need an image for a project, what tone and feel should it have etc

Brand Guide


The number one best way to create a tagline for your business is to describe what you do in the shortest space possible. This process is like trying to cram a large thought into a single Tweet.


Tone & Color palettes

The area of highest contrast between light and dark will always demand maximum attention and professionalism. This is what we don’t downplay in our design process and execution. We pay attention to details in relation to everything we do as a team


Market Research

The two main market research that we employ in our quest to satisfy our clients businesses and also enhance their products: primary research and secondary research.


Exploratory Research: This kind of primary market research is less concerned with measurable customer trends and more about potential problems that would be worth tackling as a team. It normally takes place as a first step before any specific research has been performed, and can involve open-ended interviews or surveys with small numbers of people.


Specific Research: This kind of primary market research often follows exploratory research, and is used to dive into issues or opportunities the business has already identified as important. In specific research, the business can take a smaller or more precise segment of their audience and ask questions aimed at solving a suspected problem.


SCommercial Sources: These sources often come in the form of market reports because this info is so portable and distributable, it typically costs money to download and obtain.


Internal Sources: Internal source deserve more credit for supporting market research than they generally get. Why? This is the market data your organization already has in-house.

Professional Typography

Creative logos and brands often feature a custom or unique typeface to draw people in. Pick a typeface that reflects the style of your work and audience, and ensure it's legible for all sizes and mediums.