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Content Marketing

7 Ways to Increase Engagement on Facebook

Oct 10, 2022

Whiles there is so much talk on Facebook being the best social media platform with more engaging users, brands usually find it difficult to engage with their audience and to get more audience. It gets frustrating especially seeing the low engagement on your page whereas your competitors are amassing a lot of engagement. We however have mapped out a solution for you through these amazing ways expanded upon below.

Know your audience
Not knowing your audience can make your effort a big failure. Your page is irrelevant when you provide something different from what they expect. Unlike outdoor marketing where your sales and marketing team has to collate data for this purpose, these online marketing platforms provide you with audience insights. With a few clicks, you get to know the gender, age and locations of your audience. You will get to know the best times they can be found online as well. Based on your audience insights, create your content to suit them.

Provide relevant, educative and quality content
Your followers are on your page for the content you provide. Imagine asking for a page follow from a walk-in customer as a strategy to increase your following on Facebook(link). Your customer follows your page expecting to see more of your content. Your content shouldn’t be just what they see in your shop. It has to go beyond that. This is where you teach your followers how to use your products, give them industry stats or share customer testimonials. Most importantly, every content you share should have a high-quality resolution.

Create more of your best performing content
CDid a post get the most likes, comments, shares or bookmarks? This shows how interested your audience is in that particular content. They want to see more, so create more. One thing you need to note is that you have to be creative with this kind of content. There’s no need to repeat content your audience loves. It will be best to improve on it and add more elements to make it more interesting and engaging, lest it becomes boring!

Share video content
People want to be part of your company, some may not personally know you. Once they know your share quality content or sell quality products, they want to be associated with your brand. Videos are known to be the best performing form of content. You can extensively express yourself, demonstrate how to use your products and even give insights into what happens behind the scenes. You have the chance to go live or share videos on your feed and stories. Be sure to get more engagement with your video content.

Post consistently
Consistency is key in your quest to increase your engagement on Facebook. We know you might be too busy taking care of other aspects of the business so this is a hack that will be helpful. After you get to know your audience, their demographics, interest and the best time to find them, make a plan to make sure they chance upon your content. This is how you do it; set your periodic goals, create a content plan and schedule your posts with a calendar. You can add your captions to make it easier to post when the time is up. There are tools like Hootsuite, …, that are available to make your life easier.

Reply to comments
Once you make an engaging post, be ready to receive and reply to comments. You know it is not courteous to start a conversation and just leave. Replying to your audience makes them feel special and a part of your brand. Your followers will be encouraged to engage more the next time you post. This approach will help you maintain a long term relationship with your audience.

Boost Posts
Aside from increasing your Facebook engagement organically, you can opt for sponsored ads if you want immediate results. With just $5, Facebook allows your post to reach thousands of followers. However, before you boost your posts, don’t forget to post quality content and to know your audience before creating a target audience for the ads. It is with no doubt that your Facebook page should see some improvement through the adoption of these easy to follow ways and routines. For more on digital marketing tips and expertise, reach out to us at www.beeandbloom.digital